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Discover a double page dedicated to Libre Objet in the 220th issue of the french graphic design magazine Etapes. This issue about co-design introduces number of interesting projects such as Open Furniture, Openstructures and more.

Archipel Armchair, Bouctje and some derivatives part of Conflict and Design, 7th Triennal of design in CMine - Genk - Belgium

Authors portraits

1/ Vicky Colart, Stéphanie Bourg and Jéromine Massart

2/ Sandrine Smeraldi, Roberto Montana and Michel Delaunois

3/ Miléna Quaglia and Elodie Baise

4/ Charlotte Matton and Violeta Konstantinova

Derivatives Bouctje

1_2 / stackable bouctje - Vicky, Stéphanie and Jéromine

3_4 / reading armchair bouctje - Charlotte and Violeta

5_6 / folding bouctje - Miléna and Elodie

7_8 / pluggable bouctje - Sandrine, Roberto and Michel

Workshop’s programme in pictures

Workshop Libre Objet at Quinzaine Numérique Mons

Workshop QNM2013

Thanks to Brasserie de la Senne for sponsoring us !

Authors portraits

/1 Maryl Genc  /2 Baptist Everaert  /3 Marco Nicolo  /4 Miguel Van Steenbrugge  /5 Thomas De Ridder  /6 Laurent Stevens and Camille Gabrieli  /7 Hannelore Veelaert  /8 Laurent Verly  /9 Gregoire Vigneron

Derivatives Bouctje

/1 Maryl  /2 Baptist  /3 Hannelore  /4 Thomas and Laurent  /5 Camille and Laurent S.  /6 Marco  /7 Gregoire